Annotations #1: While

while 1

It took 6+ months but the first issue of Annotations is finally here.

while 2

For this issue, I solicited 12 poems that used one or more words from Clark Coolidge's poem "While". Some poets took the Coolidge poem all the way to heart, while others just used a word or two (and in one instance... just a part of one word). The result is a little anthology that reaches through lyric poetry to the stranger world on the other side.

while 3

The issue was designed with the help of the immeasurably talented typesetter Gili Ostfield, and features calligraphy by my sister Alana. The covers and interiors are printed on the dirtiest riso on earth. Ink speckled everywhere. Hand-stitched. Run of 50.

while 4

I haven't decided how I'm going to distribute it yet, really. For now you can procure a copy by filling out this form. We are actively soliciting for Issue 2, which will take as its root this excerpt by Will Alexander. If you have poems or visual art pieces with these words, please send us stuff here.

I call my little imprint Chintz Davenport Editions because the image of a floral sofa came to me in a dream...

EDIT lol: We're calling the thing Bliss St instead... it's been a long-running Sophie's Choice between the two names. But Bliss St for now. And it lives over at errant-memory.net.

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