As I am unable to imagine
that the dragon has shadow
powers, or double damage
powers, I am prohibited
from the subtle striking of the
left and right buttons
which at particular moments
seems as much a skill as
the ratchet or the good knife
require, and because I cannot
see myself as prince of any land
I become the voice of the guide.
The only path through fire,
hedges, the undersea level
becomes apparent through me.
What was play becomes
more similar to a march
over acrid tundra, ending
(make no mistake, ending)
the way we knew it would
having seen the end screen
long ago, in childhood.
If I seem reluctant to heft
the sword, even the book
of spells, it is because I know
the answers, honestly or not.
I can’t let you go into the cave
without a way out.